omni louisville social x original makers agency

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June 8th 2018
Original Makers Club Agency starts social media management.
followers... 3,689

July 8th 2018
followers... 4024 +335


Social Media Goals

I. Create a permanent story on @omnilou for all internal outlets

Miller & Co
Bob's Chophouse
Pin + Proof
Lewis + Louis
Pool & Roof Bar
Falls City Market

II. Future focuses for a permanent story on @omnilou

Flower shop (if activated as planned)

III. Create a geotag location on facebook and instagram for all Omni Louisville internal outlets

Miller & Co
Bob's Chophouse
Pin + Proof
Lewis + Louis
Pool & Roof Bar
Falls City Market
Neighborhood Services

IV. Create a set and tiered process for Original Makers Club and Omni Louisville to be able to easily and efficiently collaborate with social media influencers that drives followers to @omnilou and @fallscitymarket

V. Turn the focus from brand and property awareness towards living the Omni local and visitor lifestyle.  To do this we will need to build a large stock portfolio of photography from all internal outlets.  

Miller & Co
Photographs at Clayton and Crume of them making leather goods to be featured at Miller and Co.
Fashion photography of ladies in Draper and James clothing.
Lifestyle shots of men and women close up using products being retailed.

Bob's Chophouse
Professional food photography of 4-6 menu items
High end wine and high end cocktails being crafted by bartenders
Meat curing and preparation process
Steak on the grill with chef focus
Experiential photography of couple laughing while drinking wine at Bob's bar or table.
- Supplemented by property photography already on hand

Pin + Proof
Craft cocktails being mixed and poured at P+P bar highlighting a more intricate cocktail menu and the dress and class of the P+P bartenders.
- Supplemented by property photography and omc event photography

Lewis + Louis
Styled mixed group enjoying a high end Bourbon tasting.
Bourbon pouring photographs

Pool & Roof Bar
Photographs of pool when in full swing.
Female hand holding cocktails with pool in background
Co ed group in 20s and 30s enjoying cocktails in cabana
Styled shots of reading book on pool lounge chair, etc.

Falls City Market
Sushi chef rolling sushi, cutting fresh tune or fish.
Pouring local beers from tap.
Firing a pizza in custom pizza oven.
Styled photographs of homewares and shopping.
Close up shots of fresh nuts and candies.
Fresh pastries being decorated, styled, placed, arranged.

Neighborhood Services
Professional styled photography of 6 menu items.
Craft cocktails being made by bartenders
Co ed group at bar enjoying drinks and a game on TV.

Styled shots of high end spa retail products
Photographs of display shelves
Styled photographs of massage on 30s female
Styled photographs of services on Male and Female models

VI. Grow @omnilou post to include more community engagement and local pride.  This will include post such as forecastle, bourbon and beyond, downtown neighbors and events, and downtown local businesses.  

VII. Archive frequently asked questions being asked and create a master sheet of answers.  In example.. Where do I park?  If I am a local can I visit pool and bar?  Do you allow photo shoots? etc.

VIII.  Thoughts on budget for sponsored instagram post to generate leads and hotel bookings.  BOOK NOW>  

IX. Monthly giveaways to promote user engagement in @omnilou and @fallscitymarket

X. Additional Shots / Campaign
Omni is a massive property and holds a corporate name.  We need to break down this concept to locals by showcasing the talent at the Omni.

I strongly suggest a lifestyle photography campaign featuring the talent behind the omni.  This would include beautiful environmental portraits of Chefs, Bartenders, Bell Hops, Front Desk Workers, Shop retailers, etc etc and be posted with a sentence about there life, along with a sentence of why they love the Omni!


Falls City Market Highlight Video Shot List

I. Fly/Walk overall view of Falls City Market
II. Pouring a beer from tap
III. Finished pizza being pulled from Pizza Oven
IV.  Sushi chef from Chop & Roll rolling sushi, working on breaking down large fish.
V. Heine Brothers making a cappuccino
VI. Pastry chef from Batch decorating pastries or setting macaroons onto plate
VII. Misters coming on fresh produce
VIII. Grill firing a burger from Bridges
IX.  Shots of bottle shop including Bourbons, Wines, Mixers
X. Overhead shot of large platters of fresh baked goods being sat out
XI. Shots of take home meat/food.

I. Co ed group in 30s seated outside at garage door enjoying a beer/pizza (drone shot)
II. Female or Females in 40s laughing and shopping the homewares section
III.  Gentleman's well dressed hand pulling bottle of Bourbon off shelf from bottle shop
IV. Co ed group in 20s sitting in Heine area with computers and coffees
V. Well dressed female hand picking through floral stems close up.

I. Falls City Market Logo
II. Followed by tagline "satisfy your culinary curiosity"

I. Quick flashes of each of the logos in Falls City
II.Market then ending with a longer view of Falls City Market logo.


Retainer Photography

July - Aug 2018
July 20 - 2hrs - Grand Opening Celebration, Falls City Market
July 21 - 1.5hrs - Grand Opening Celebration, Cocktail Party

Upcoming Schedule

Neighborhood Services Photography (3 Hours)
Shot List:
6 - 8 Menu Items
3-5 Craft Cocktails being crafted and poured by bartender
Lifestyle Portrait of Executive Chef
2-3 Well dressed people laughing at bar with a cocktail

Notes:  We will be using professional lighting gear for this so we will need to shoot during extremely slow time or when the restaurant is not open as to not disturb patrons.


Mokara Spa (2 Hours)
Spa Details and Products
Female getting an "on the rocks" massage
Female getting "aromatherapy or signature" massage
Male getting "Arnica" massage
Female getting an Earth Clay Detox wrap

Bob's Steak and Chop House (3 Hours)
6 - 8 Menu Items
3-5 Craft Cocktails being crafted and poured by bartender
Lifestyle Portrait of Executive Chef
2-3 Well dressed people laughing at bar with a cocktail
Executive Chef portrait
Shots of chef firing steaks and cooking
High end wine bottles

September (leading into Holiday Shopping)

Miller & Co (3 Hours)
Shots of male shopping
Shots of females shopping
Fashion shoot of ladies in Draper James Clothing
Shots of Clayton & Crume crafting leather products for Omni
Lifestyle product shots