OMC production


June 28th 2018
Edit architectural photos in Jefferstown and Frankfort folders on dropbox.
Deliver 10 OMC books to all members, make a list of everyone that received deliveries and send to Josh at end of day.

June 29th 2018
Meet Josh at house at 11am - pick up trailer from Ashbourne, pick up linens from All Occassions, clean Watco

Josh and Grant to go to Ashbourne and pick up trailer and bars
Grant to deliver weddings to clients

July 1
Can you help me set up a dinner at the Omni for 2 hours this Sunday and you can take off a day next week?  We are not hauling anything... everything is rented and being delivered.  Just need help with table linens, flowers, chairs, etc.

July 2
Link OMC member websites to the makers page of OMC website.

July 10
Mail books to Eric Goff 2101 Hart Ct, Lexington KY 40502
Take envelope on top of safe with $1000 cash and $2000 check to Homer at PNC on Dixie by 2pm
Make me a list of OMC members who have not received books yet so we can drop or mail them.
Make a delivery spread sheet of OMC Louisville members that includes the date you dropped them books and how many books you dropped.
Mary & Scott Coffee Table Book Design
Katelyn & Eric Coffee Table Book Design
Pick up flash drive with weddings on it.  


June 28th, 2018
- Invoice Christa Richie
Design and Finalize all aspects of Woodford Reserve event Sunday.
- Meet Cole at 9am at Omni Hotel
Invoice Brown Forman for 21c and Omni

July 2
Add steeplechase event to omc site
Work on OMC Agency branding, details, offerings, etc.


Collect from from Morton James
Restart Butchery Fresh Billing in September
Shaker Village being charged? Send them receipts