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Barret Sovereign "Bird Gun Bar"




Original Makers Club Southern Supper & Shoot   - AND-   Original Makers Club Kentucky Southern Social

Original Makers Club partners with Ashbourne Farms a 3000 acre farm nestled in the hills of Kentucky and owned by Austin Musselman, a descendant of the Brown-Forman Co.  The farm boast the top rated Sporting Clays course in the South and is completely private and unavailable to the public.  Our friendship and partnership with Austin allows us the unique opportunity to host two shotgun shooting, Bourbon tasting, culinary focused events each year.  


complimenting sponsors

Crittenden & Co. sport coats and mens fashion
Famed fine hat makers Paul's Hat-works
Range Rover
Woodford Reserve
Wiltshire Pantry one of the South's top chefs



Since early 2012, Original Makers Club has created and crafted a series of events that bring a renewed sense of style to events for the elite.  Original Makers Club produces and is leading the field in dinner series, shotgun shoots, polo exhibitions, derby parties, equestrian socials, and sophisticated Southern experiences in general.  Our events carry the intent to attract, entertain and influence an affluent crowd that yearns for events that are concerned more about going into depth, and not breadth.  We fully understand and embraces the fact that culture drives commerce through experience, one of a kind opportunities, and the ability to organically capture and document audiences.

In today's world, mobile marketing is often associated with reaching customers through the use of mobile phones and other handheld devices.  But at Original Makers Club we are redefining the phrase. To us, mobile marketing means the ability to physically entertain, interact and lead your social group.  The process of creating custom social events and environments lets us bring an experience of your brand directly to a targeted consumer.  

Social leaders, taste-makers, influencers are our community... it is our goal to innovate, craft and build experiences to keep Barret Sovereign on the forefront of attracting and maintaining that communities attention.  



Exclusivity to custom mobile branded bar, lounge and experience
social media campaign based on hashtag
Professional Cinematography of unique demographic handling, shooting shotguns in a social setting
Visual branding of "Bird Gun Bar"
Demographic Men & Women 30-55 with household income of $150k - $200m
Custom Barret Sovereign pop-up experience


Sponosor benefits

I. Exclusivity to the firearms category

II. Custom branding of our converted Horse Trailer Bar as the Barret Sovereign "Bird Gun Bar"

III. Opportunity to activate at the events;  showcase and sales area, speaking opportunity, demo, etc.  (we can help furnish and design this area)

IV.  12 tickets to each event 

V.  Logo or naming on all invitations, mailings. social media campaigns, etc

VI. Ownership of all professional photography and cinematography from the events.  Ability to art direct some of the creative for your specific needs.

VII. Custom duck fabric, coffee dyed, branded flag to showcase at the events

VIII. Custom branded leather coasters for dinner table

IX. Opportunity to discuss additional strategies to showcase your brand at the events.

X. 12 free VIP tickets to the Original Makers Club polo matches (3) for client entertaining



$7500 one year
includes two signature events

$10,000 two years
includes four signature events

30% discount if you choose to sponsor only the Original Makers Club Southern Supper & Shoot