Original Makers Club has been thrilled and overwhelmed with the reception of our city guide concept introduced six years ago.  As an in room city guide we are showcasing the very best boutiques, artists, designers, baristas, makers, shop-owners, and more that Louisville, Lexington and Nashville have to offer.  We work with these businesses to photograph and design a custom full page feature for the publication that runs for an entire calendar year.  The publication is distributed in each room, the museum lobby and the restaurant of 21c Museum Hotel.  Each of our members businesses carry the books in their unique locations for top clientele to collect. Original Makers Club produces approximately 15 high style Southern social events a year including dinners, polo, derby events, equestrian events, shotgun shooting events and so much more.  These events allow us to entertain, create relationships, and distribute our publication to over 5000 social attendees each year.  We look forward to you joining us!


I  :  publication

7 x 10 inches, foiled and embossed cover, premium heavy weight paper, coffee table book style.  Curated and invitation only advertisers.


II  :  distribution

Exclusive in-room city guide gift, distribution through private dinners, polo, derby events, Keeneland, Churchill Downs, equestrian events, and more.  As well as allowing all of our members the opportunity to distribute the publication.


III  :  events

Original Makers Club produces approximately 15 high style Southern Social events a year including dinners, polo exhibitions, derby events, equestrian events, shotgun shooting events and so much more with partners and sponsors such as 21c Museum Hotels, Woodford Reserve, Garden & Gun Magazine, Churchill Downs, Keeneland, Rolex, Maserati, and more...

Through these events we are able to bring culture to Kentucky while we entertain and distribute our publication, create relationships with and enjoy the company of 5000 high-tier social attendees a year.

See a very small sample of our events in the videos below.


Original Makers Club Oaks Garden Party & Brunch

Original Makers Club Derby Send Off

Original Makers Club Southern Supper & Shoot

Original Makers Club & 21c Museum Hotel Derby Party

Original Makers Club Dinner Series

Original Makers Club welcomes 21c Museum Hotel to Lexington KY


IV  :  social media & online 

20k social media followers, online site and listing, city guide connections and feature for travelers and locals through


V : in room partnership pricing

$15,000 usd / 1000 publications & 1 page ad

$20,000 usd / 2000 publications & 2 page ad

$25,000 usd / 4000 publications & 3 page ad

$35,000 usd / 6000 publications & 4 page ad

$50,000 usd / 10000 publications & 4 page ad



1 Full page advertisement  -  $2400

2 Full page advertisements - $3600 (discounted from $4,800)

3 Full page advertisements  - $4800 (discounted from $7,200)

4 Full page advertisements  - $6000 (discounted from $9,600)

5 Full page advertisements  - $7000 (discounted from $12,000)

6 Full page advertisements  - $8000 (discounted from $14,400)

7 Full page advertisements  - $9000 (discounted from $16,800)

8 Full page advertisements - $10000 (discounted from $19,200)

9 Full page advertisements - $11000  (discounted from $21,600)

10 Full page advertisements  - $12000 (discounted from $24,000) 

All above rates include 1 hour of commercial photography per page ad... in example - 6 pages of ads equals 6 hours of photography 

All above rates include design services for the ads

All of the above ad rates can be applied for ads in any of our publication in any city 


VII : details

The above rates are totals in full for one calendar year (12 months)


email questions to or call 502-592-5671