agency work.

c a m p i s a n o  |  l o r e n z

creative vision plan







Locations for shoot suggestions

speed art museum, green building, 21c museum hotel


four hour photo-shoot - 2000 usd
includes film, travel, shoot, processing, culling, editing and copyright release

run of show 03.14.17

(8:30am - 9:00am)     headshots of "staff" off Brownsboro road     ( 3.5 hrs remaining shoot time )
Notes:  least important, standard headshots agains brick wall

- break -

(12:30pm - 1:30pm)     Speed Art Museum - main headshots and team shots (see headshots section above)     ( 2.5 hrs remaining shoot time)
Notes:  we will want to stay low key being we haven't asked for specific permission

I also envision an image or set like this at the Speed as well (i have the briefcase props for this shot)

 - travel 15 minutes -   ( 2.25 hrs remaining on shoot time)
from Speed Art Museum to 21c Museum Hotel

(1:45pm - 2:30pm)     21c Museum Hotel - additional team & headshots - and THE investment shot with friend/model over coffee/cocktails at Proof on Main

( 1.5 hrs remaining on shoot time )


- travel 10 minutes -    ( 1.33_ hrs remaining on shoot time)
from 21c Museum Hotel to Deleon & Primmer


(2;40pm - 3:10pm)      Deleon & Primmer - design shot of blueprints, pencils, ipads or laptop on table image(s)    (1 hour remaining on shoot time)

photo - shoot ends at 3:10pm


1 hour remaining for custom stock photography of  "essential beautiful interiors and exterior photos"   (0 time remaining on shoot time)


*The above is what I believe we need to properly execute your original vision and the inspiration we put forth above.

**If you would like to visit the additional job site near Oxmoor Mall or the Church for photos please let me know if you would like to add an additional hour for $300 or if you see where we can cut time from above.  Is it possibly more important then the morning headshots?

***Keep in mind realistic travel, parking, changing clothes and creative time if cutting from the above schedule!!


all final payments must be made at the end of the photo-shoot tomorrow

downloadable files

please note all imagery is in its original un-edited state, images can be cropped and re-touched at your request.  Please email a list of final selections for use to and allow 48 hours for final re-touching of delivery of imagery.  See the edited samples below for an example of finished imagery.