A Summit at Fritz Farm Affair



invitation design

Out for approval


bourbon bar sponsorship

Woodford Reserve (Brown-Forman)
Sponsorship Details include:
*Exclusive Bourbon Whiskey served at the event
To be purchased by hired and licensed catering staff.

Cocktail creation in consult with Whiskey Bear
Bartenders will wear Whiskey Bear provided "uniforms" 

Tent rental

A tent (size to be determined) will be rented and placed on property in connection with the barn to serve as a luxury lounge for event guest.  Tent will house luxury furniture, polo bar and event decor

Stephanie can you send me measurements for back patio and parking lot?

40x45 Clear Top Tent
Tent Walls 3 sides
Pipe & Drape 3 sides with entrance

(omc code 003000) 



Polo Bar

Polo Bar is a custom built horse trailer mobile bar that will be provided by Original Makers Club within the confines of the event quote. 



Summit at Fritz Farm Hiring

Band Sound Needs

Original Makers Club can work with the hired band to make sure all sounds equipment, power and needs are met.

OMC will follow up on this need when band has been selected and hired!


rSVP MAnagement

Original Makers Club will in partnership with the Summit at Fritz Farm develop an invite only guest list that will be sent the approved invitation design and directed to our new OMC / Summit events page to RSVP.  OMC will keep the Summit up to date on event numbers once weekly.


Original Makers Club will source and rent all necessary glassware rentals needed for the event.  A topic of discussion will be plateware and how we are planning to serve food.

Red Carpet & Photo Wall

Original Makers Club will design and source a photo step & repeat wall along with red carpet.



Original Makers Club will provide professional event photography for the event.

(omc use only code ooo00)


Original Makers Club will provide professional event cinematographer for the event.

(omc use only code ooo00)


Original Makers Club will design and source professional florals for the event.

Rose & Thistle
(omc use only code 00725)


Set-Up & BreakDown

Original Makers Club team will work with hired and internal vendors to oversee event set up and break down.

Not included: is in event bussing of trash and post event trash clean up or pick up for disposal.

event management

Original Makers Club will provide professional in event management to make sure all aspects of the event are running smoothly.

Follow up

Original Makers Club will follow up post event for delivery of photography & cinematography.  Also to discuss lead in to the next event in the series.



Ready Valet

(omc use only code 001100)



Actionable itemS

I. Original Makers Club needs to receive deposit to begin securing - DONE
II. Barn walk through with Stephanie August 16th at 10:00am - DONE
III. Get approval to launch omc / summit event series website - DONE, NEED TO LAUNCH and MOVE FORWARD WITH OUITA ON FIRST EVENT
IV. Secure official date for event - DONE 9/28

V. Approve invitation design
VI. Walk through with Jane and Stephanie on Wednesday - DONE
VII. Josh to hire licensed bartenders
VIII. Stephanie to introduce me via email to all restaurant purveyors in the food barn - DONE, OMC TO FOLLOW UP FRIDAY MORNING
IX. Josh to hire valet - HIRED!

X. Custom Bourbon Bottle for Digging Up


Up in the air

Lexus work with us on valet?
Do we need a beer sponsor?
Swag bags?
Do we need servers to pass food?  ANSWER WAS NO, STATIONS TO BE SET UP


Rental Items

High Tops and Linens
6ft Rental Tables for Farm Tops
Pipe & Drape - DONE


Jane's Questions

I wanted to check in and see if you have heard back from Flo about the party. Also, there are a few others items I wanted to check in on and give updates to.
I met with Flo and they are all on board after our meeting to provide us 4 Whiskey Bear T-Shirts and consult with us on speciality cocktails for the event.  Hired Licensed Bartenders will order the product and serve the product at the party!

Invitation Design – will we receive that tomorrow?
Awaiting approval

Invite List – Bayer will send separately to our list so that the email comes from Jeffrey Bayer. Before we send it out, can we de-dupe the list to ensure that our VIPs aren’t on your OMC list, thus getting an invite twice?
Our list is plugged into Paperless Post, what do you propose is the best way to de-dupe?

Champagne – any word back on a sponsor?
I have reached out to Moet and Korbel... I will seek an answer by Thursday of this coming week

Bourbon Burial – Any word from Woodford on the engraved bottle? Mayor Gray is not available so we can hold this at the normal time of 5:30
Do we want to make this 6:00pm since the party is now at 6:30pm?  Bottle will be taken care of... additional bottles are $99

Party Time – we want to proceed with 6:30-9:30pmso that guests can visits stores if they want to. Stephane is asking stores that close at 7pm to stay open an hour later

Arhaus and Pottery Barn – do you want contacts there to see about props/furniture to use?
Yes! Definitely.  Can you me in with them?  I will be in town tomorrow and could meet them.

Water – I forgot to mention adding that to the bar, if you didn’t already plan on it

Tshirts –Stephane said Whiskey Bear already has them so we don’t need Kentucky 4 Kentucky to make them for the bartenders.

Insurance -  I know we still need these forms and to have Stephanie send an event agreement form, if she hasn’t already

OMC Series – we want to launch the October event with the Supper with Ouita Micel and then in December do a Makers series with Critt and a few others on 1 evening.
PERFECT!  I will reach out to Ouita Tomorrow while I am in town.

OMC Email Follow-Up – Since the party is focused on The Barn, Stephanie is asking the tenants to pull together offers/specials/incentives that can be emailed to the OMC group after the party. Can we do that?
Yes we can!  Just get me the details.

Please feel free to communicate to our team directly through the form below.  

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