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Founded in 2011, Original Makers Club is redefining the city guide concept by producing a lifestyle publication aimed at going beyond the sense of a traditional magazine.  Published annually, Original Makers Club cultivates a vibrant member base of the best local businesses a city has to offer. 



Since early 2012, Original Makers Club has curated a series of events in Kentucky and beyond that bring our publication, members and city to life.  Since then Original Makers Club has produced dinners, polo exhibitions, derby parties, the KY Bourbon Affair, Garden & Gun Magazine horse racing events, southern Bourbon celebrations and so much more.  These events carry the intent to reveal the many talents of our members to a community that yearns for events that are concerned more about going into depth, and not breadth.  



Our Events



Sunday, June 12 / Original Makers Club travels to Lexington, KY to partner with County Club for the next installment of the OMC Dinner Series.  

6-9 PM

July 8th / Original Makers Club will partner with Ashbourne Farms and Woodford Reserve for our 2nd annual Southern Supper and Shotgun Shoot event.  A new state-of-the-art sporting clays course has been designed and developed at Ashbourne Farms and guest of the event will be the first to partake. Acclaimed designer and shooter Rick Hemingway will be flying in to join us and take us through the course and the thought process behind each presentation.

After an afternoon of shooting, guest will retreat back to the farms main house lawn where live music, fine food, and craft cocktails can be enjoyed as the sunsets over the farms rolling pastures.

6-8 PM Shooting
8-11 PM After Party


images from last years event by @bellagracestudios


July 10th / Original Makers Club and Monnik Beer Company join forces for a Bourbon and Beer Dinner.  Guest will enjoy a seated dinner OMC style with specialty bourbon, craft beers and bourbon + beer cocktails.

7-10 PM


Original Makers Club Polo with the partnership of Lexington Polo Club and Woodford Reserve will continue our OMC Polo Tradition in 2016.

teams /  Woodford Reserve, Hilliard Lyons, Maserati, Summit at Fritz Farm, Davis Jewelers, Original Makers Club


September 3rd / A private dove hunt over acres of sunflower fields at the majestic Ashbourne Farms.  Followed by a clam and oyster bake after party, featuring live band, beautiful lounges and Woodford Reserve Cocktails!



The Kentucky Southern Social produced by Original Makers Club and sponsored by Woodford Reserve will return to the Hermitage Classic.  Kentucky's premier 3 day equestrian competitions paired with social events set the stage for a perfect fall KY weekend...

October 22nd / Kentucky Southern Social Brunch is a once a year opportunity to dine farm to table style at a custom built 80ft long table.  The table will be set on the beautiful Hermitage Farm during the Hermitage Classic.  Guest will brunch to begin the day as the horses warm up and compete just mere feet away.


October 22nd /  Original Makers Club will host the VIP Experience as part of the Kentucky Southern Social events at Hermitage Classic.  There is so much to look forward to this fall at the classic if you are a VIP; from the best viewing spot of beautiful equine sport, to craft cocktail bars, live music, champagne toast and so much more.   The Hermitage Classic always provides the best Kentucky has to offer. 


October 23rd / Kentucky Southern Social Bourbon & Champagne Tailgate.  Original Makers Club will host tailgating Sunday morning for the cones and awards portion of the Hermitage Classic.  The perfect opportunity to get out with your family and friends, have access to one of the oldest working horse farms in Kentucky, and enjoy beautiful weather and sport.  Private cocktail bars will be open for tailgate guest along with live musical talents from some of the regions finest artist.  


Feb / Original Makers Club welcomes 21c Museum Hotel to Lexington, Kentucky with an artful soiree.  A who's who guest list, lockbox culinary creations, Woodford Reserve cocktails, ice bars, aerial performances and so much more.


May / Original Makers Club kicks off a beautiful Kentucky Derby weekend with the Woodford Reserve Oaks Garden Party and Brunch.  A 100ft farm table set in the middle of Upper St. in downtown Lexington, KY.  


May / Original Makers Club continued the party in Lexington, KY on Derby Eve in the newly opened 21c Museum Hotel.  An event not soon to be forgotten!  


May / Original Makers Club Farewell Derby / Mothers Day Brunch in Louisville, KY.  An urban soiree set on East Market Street in Nulu, with Royals Hot Chicken. 

all cinematography by @bryanstarrcinematography
all photography by @originalmakersclub @bellagracestudios




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2015 Original Makers Club Southern Supper & Shotgun Shoot

100 guest joined the beautiful fall KY weather for an evening not soon forgotten.  A tree lined drive welcome, decadent Jack Daniels Cocktails and the amazing performance from Karsten Nelson band got the evening started.

Followed by skeet shooting over the Ashbourne Farm pond and a beautiful 5 course meal prepared by Wiltshire on Market using fresh ingredients from the farm.

The 2016 Original Makers Club Southern Supper & Shotgun Shoot date and information will be announced soon!

Location Ashbourne Farms
Chef Wiltshire on Market
Shotgun Instruction Elk Creek Hunt Club
Band Karsten Nelson Band
Airstream Aluminous Events
Cocktails Jack Daniels Whiskey
Clothier Bob Micklers






A cornerstone building, restaurant and culture hub on East Market Street; defined as NULU.  I remember touring the building with owner Michael Trager Kusman before he polished the historic space into what it has become today.  Working hand in hand with interior design firm Bittners he created a welcoming, vibrant and culinary forward restaurant in a space that once lay dormant.

Today RYE is one of the go to places on our list in Louisville. We know the menu will always push the envelope and never disappoint. Inevitable because of RYE's popularity you may have a small wait for your table.  A welcomed inconvenience because at the bar you will find one of the finest and most well thought out cocktail menus in the city.  

Upcoming events at RYE
Back Porch Sessions
May 19th - Adam & Sarah of Murder by Death, Justin Paul Lewis, + Cereal
June 16th - Graffiti, The Foxery, + Twenty First Century Fox
July 21st - Brenda, Discount Guns, + Legs Akimbo
August 18th - Quiet Hollers, + New Bravado
September 24th - Beacons, Kogan Dumb, Cousins, JR and more.

900 east market street
louisville, kentucky
502 479 6200




Jason Cohen Wood Artisan

Jason Cohen has been making classic and one of a kind designs for almost twenty years. A recent move to NULU has given Louisvillian's and travelers a chance to visit his store front and see these designs up close. From entire restaurants to simple projects Jason has used the materials around his home state of Ky to craft unique pieces of art.  Jason realized that using old wood or otherwise unusable materials would be his calling. He built the Blind Pig and 732 social entirely out of Dumpster wood and old barns. Since then he uses anything he can get his hand on. Right now its bourbon barrels. he crafts stools and tables entirely from the waste of a nearby cooperage. He says he has so many new designs that there is just not enough time to make all of them. But he’s going to try.

218 south shelby street
louisville, kentucky

502 553 9663




County club

County Club is a restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky committed to exploring and expanding the American tradition of smoking meats using hardwoods and low temperatures. It examines barbecue classics by utilizing responsibly raised Kentucky cow, hog, sheep, goat, and chicken while applying flavor traditions from around the world.

County Club creations of smoked meats & fish, pickles, pastries, vinegars, and jerky will be offered for lunch and dinner, along with sides, daily salads and blackboard specials, craft beer, wine, cocktails, Magic Beans coffee, and bottles of soda.

Upcoming events at County Club
June 12th - Original Makers Club Dinner Series with County Club purchase tickets

555 jefferson street
lexington, kentucky
859 389 6555




After taking a long, relaxed draw from the cigar that bears his name, Ted launches into an eloquent soliloquy on the nuances of a fine cigar. Just before the moment one might think he is making the experience out to be too self-important, he finishes by saying, “It’s just a cigar.” Such a simple statement is simultaneously close to and far from the truth, as the humble product cradled in his fingers belies the years spent leading up to this moment of leisure in the relentless pursuit of a cigar that meets his exacting standards.

Ted’s foray into cigar production began in 1996 when he was approached by Maker’s Mark to create a cigar for their “Roaring 20s” Derby party. In response, Ted created a unique premium cigar actually flavored with Maker’s Mark Bourbon. After a great deal of trial and error, he found that the ideal way to add subtle bourbon flavor, without affecting the cigar’s integrity, was through the tedious and time consuming process of aromatic seasoning. A similar amount of effort went into the packaging, in which each cigar is sealed in a glass tube and finished off with a signature Maker’s Mark wax drip. The blending of fine bourbon with a premium cigar in a unique presentation has not gone unnoticed, as millions of these cigars are now sold worldwide.

Another benefit of the endeavor was that Ted experienced the intimate details of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the Dominican Republic. “Traveling there regularly really allows me to see and experience another culture,” he said. Ted’s development of the Maker’s Mark blend led him down the separate path of creating a premium small batch blend for his personal use. He tried dozens of different combinations before settling on a unique blend of Brazilian, Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco. Little did he realize then how popular this cigar, which he created for himself, would prove to be.

Today, the “ted’s” cigar is available in hundreds of retail outlets across the United States and around the world. 





(502) 592-5671